82 Positive Affirmations For Lasting Friendship And Making New Friends

82 Positive Affirmations For Lasting Friendship And Making New Friends

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While having friends is one of the most amazing things on the planet, it’s quite difficult to find new friends when you get older. Building new relationships and maintaining them for many long years is hard work but it’s so worth it!

Whether your desire is to attract more like-minded people into your life or to strengthen your current bonds, here are some positive affirmations for friendship that should help!

I cannot even imagine where I would be today were it not for that handful of friends who have given me a heart full of joy. Let’s face it, friends make life a lot more fun.

Charles R. Swindoll

Best positive affirmations for friendship

Best positive affirmations for friendship

Saying positive affirmations doesn’t magically bring potential friends to you: instead, it reprograms your mindset! Recognizing yourself as a good friend, letting yourself be loved, being open to meeting new people, and appreciating the good relationships you may already have – these are just some of the mental shifts that come from repeating positive affirmations.

Here is a bunch of the best affirmations for friendships:

1. I am a great friend.

2. People enjoy being friends with me.

3. I have deep connections with my friends.

4. I am loyal to my friends and they are loyal to me.

5. My friend circle grows every day.

6. All my friends are fun.

7. I laugh a lot with my friends every time we spend time together.

8. I develop an intimate relationship with good friends

9. My friends are a source of happiness in my life.

10. I attract beautiful friends into my life.

11. I can tell my friend everything I want.

12. My friendship is an important part of my life.

13. I let go of toxic relationships easily.

14. I protect myself from bad friendships.

15. I am good enough to have great friends.

16. My friendships are filled with love and joy.

17. I am creating great memories with my friends all the time.

18. I choose to have only healthy relationships.

19. All of my friends are determined and goal-oriented, just like me.

20. My friends and I can always rely on each other.

21. I deserve to have amazing people as my friends.

22. My friends make me happy.

23. I don’t have toxic people in my life.

24. My friendships are mutually beneficial. I love all my friends and they love me back.

Affirmations for meeting new friends

Affirmations for meeting new friends

To make new friends you need to put yourself out there! Literally, come out of your shell and go somewhere where good people are. Even if you are an introvert like me and that place is online…

Find a new hobby or find a community around your existing one, follow some local people who inspire you on Instagram, or reach out to a shallow acquaintance who seems interesting and go grab a coffee together. Yes, it’s not easy to be proactive and initiate things, but you want a friend, right?

It’s usually much easier to build a new friendship with someone when you have something in common. When you have something you are both passionate about, you will find it easy to come up with topics to discuss and will probably feel the connection right from the beginning.

Here are some positive affirmations for meeting new friends:

25. I am attracting beautiful souls into my life.

26. It’s easy for me to make a new friend and keep this friendship.

27. I have a positive vibe that attracts a positive tribe!

28. Everyone I meet is warm and friendly.

29. Every day is an opportunity to make new friends.

30. I find opportunities to make friends everywhere I go.

31. New people come to my life at the right time.

32. Nice people want to become friends with me.

33. I naturally attract positive relationships into my life.

34. I am always excited to meet new friends.

35. I am grateful for every new friend I am able to make.

36. I am ready to open my heart to a new friendship and meaningful connection.

37. Every day I am open to meeting new friends.

38. Making new friends comes easily to me.

39. I attract like-minded people into my life.

40. I love and accept myself, and I am a magnet for friends.

41. I choose my friends wisely.

42. People see me as a good person and potentially a good friend.

43. I can easily meet new friends whenever I need them.

44. I welcome new like-minded people into my life.

45. Good people enter my life all the time.

Positive affirmations for finding a best friend

Positive affirmations for finding a best friend

Other than finding a perfect partner, finding a best friend is the best thing that can ever happen to you! It doesn’t happen to everyone and you can rarely have more than one. Most people already have a bestie since childhood or school years, and that’s the kind of bond that you can’t compete with.

If anything, I didn’t mean to sound so harsh and break your hope! In fact, I found my best friend in my twenties when we happened to work in the same office. That was quite a few years back: neither of us works there anymore but we stay close nevertheless. That’s how I know it’s possible!

Things are never quite as scary when you’ve got a best friend.

Bill Watterson

Here are a few affirmations to help you find your bestie!

46. I am ready for a best friend to enter my life.

47. My new best friend is looking for a best friend too, and we’ll meet soon!

48. Having a best friend is a priority for me.

49. I’m gonna finally have a BFF!

50. I can’t wait to meet my best friend.

51. I know my best friend appears in my life at a perfect time.

52. I can imagine all the great things my BFF and I are gonna do together.

53. I am a best friend.

54. I know exactly what I’m looking for in a best friend.

55. It’s time I get myself a BFF!

56. I have a best friend.

57. I’m open to meeting my best friend any moment now.

58. This is a great time for me to meet my best friend.

59. It’s a great and fulfilling feeling to have a best friend!

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Affirmations for lasting friendships

Affirmations for lasting friendships

While finding friends is hard, keeping them for life or at least for a few decades to come is much more work. First of all, you have to be a good friend yourself. You should make your friends happier, not more miserable, for them to want to keep you in their lives.

Although there are some people who enjoy whining together and who base their friendship on hating everybody else, that’s not what you are looking for! Surround yourself with positive people with beautiful souls who make you a better person, and be there for them when they need you.

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Here is my final affirmations batch, this time for long-lasting friendships!

60. All of my friendships are real, loyal, and genuine.

61. Each of my friends is a beautiful soul and will stay in my life forever.

62. I’m creating lasting friendships by always being there for my friends.

63. My friendship brings me joy.

64. Even though my day may be busy, I’ll still find time to reach out to my friends.

65. I am honest with my friends and they are honest with me.

66. My friends love what I love and we always have something to talk about.

67. I make myself available when my friends need me, and they do the same for me.

68. All of my friends are worthy of love and loyalty.

69. My friends want to see me as often as I want to see them.

70. My friends know how important they are to me.

71. I bring joy to my friends.

72. I care about my friends and they care about me.

73. I am always energized and inspired after I meet my friends.

74. My friends and I always make time for each other.

75. I make the effort to be a good and supportive friend.

76. My inner circle only consists of good kind people.

77. My friends like me for me.

78. I can be myself when I’m with friends.

79. I love my friends even though they aren’t perfect.

80. I find joy in being a good friend to people I love.

81. I am grateful for each of my wonderful friends.

82. I cherish my friendships to make them last a very long time.

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How to use positive affirmations for friendship

How to use positive affirmations for friendship

1. Understand what you are looking for in friends

Make a list of desired qualities for your new friend and keep them in mind while repeating affirmations. Don’t make it too impossible! Nobody is perfect!

Can those qualities describe you? If you are looking for a completely opposite personality to сomplement your own, think of how this new relationship can be mutually beneficial.

What will you bring into that friendship?

2. Accept that you are worthy of having good friends and allowed to free yourself from toxic relationships

You are enough as you are.

You are worthy of good friends.

You don’t need toxic people in your life.

You won’t be alone if you let bad friendships go. They will make space in your heart for beautiful people.

It’s better to have a couple of close friends than a lot of superficial ones! Great friends make your life better and they motivate you to be a better version of yourself every day so you can be an even better friend.

If this is not how you currently think, you may need to use self-love affirmations or I am beautiful affirmations first to build your self-esteem. When you realize how attractive your personality is, you are more likely to meet good people and build healthy relationships because you are worth it!

3. Choose a few affirmations that speak to you and repeat them regularly

  1. First of all, define your friendship goal. Is it to attract a new friend(s)? To strengthen a current one? To find your new bestie? Or maybe to turn an acquaintance into a friend?
  2. Read through the dedicated section with affirmations above.
  3. Choose a few affirmations that feel really good to say.
  4. Repeat them every day with intention and try to imagine your future friendship while doing it. As detailed as possible!
  5. Notice all the good feelings that surround you when you are visualizing yourself with a friend.
  6. Keep these sensations close and bring them back every time you repeat your friendship affirmations.

4. Be a good friend to make your friendships last

This goes without saying but I want to emphasize it anyway.

A good healthy friendship is a two-way relationship. You deserve to have great friends, but you have to be a great friend yourself because your friends deserve a great friend too!

Make sure to be a good listener, supportive, and available whenever your friends need you. Be ready to prioritize your friendships before most of the other things in your life. Earn their trust.

It’s not just about you, it’s about both of you!

Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.

Maya Angelou

Final thoughts on using positive affirmations for friendship

These were my favorite positive affirmations for making and keeping friends! Repeat them like you mean it for attracting new wonderful people into your life and recognizing the joy that your friends bring you!

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