125 Best Friendship Hashtags For Instagram In 2023

125 Best Friendship Hashtags For Instagram In 2024

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Really good hashtags about friendship that are genuine, easy to understand, and not too popular are hard to find these days. Reminiscing on the early days of Instagram, when everything was simple and there were only food photos for your friends and no such thing as competition. Sadly, you can’t get away anymore with simply slapping #friends on your post as this tag alone has been used about half a billion times!

But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!

In this post, you’ll find 125 best friendship hashtags for Instagram: from the most popular to some unique gems with very little competition. I also grouped them into categories so there are some good ones for friendship goals, a bunch of funny ones, best hashtags for pictures with your BFF, and even a few to celebrate your best friend’s birthday.

Why should you even care about using the right Instagram hashtags? Because they grow your reach, increase engagement, and more people can find your account. Let’s be honest: if you didn’t care about growing your Instagram, you wouldn’t bother using hashtags at all. Whether you are a popular influencer or just wanna find some new like-minded friends, upping your Insta game can be very beneficial!

So let’s start with the most popular friendship hashtags on Instagram, shall we?

Most popular hashtags about friends on Instagram

Here are 20 of the most popular friendship-related hashtags I was able to find on Instagram. You can add one or two of these at the right time and get lucky with new followers but I wouldn’t recommend relying on them too much. As you see, each of these tags has millions of usages which means your post will go down in the hashtag feed in a matter of milliseconds.

That doesn’t mean you should never try! Who knows, maybe it’s your lucky day. Just don’t make it your main hashtag strategy, alright?

Okay, enough talk. These are top-20 most-used friendship hashtags on Instagram:

Friendship HashtagInstagram Posts
1. #friends432M
2. #friendship74.5M
3. #bestfriends71.5M
4. #bff62.7M
5. #friend53.4M
6. #bestie19.4M
7. #friendshipgoals18.8M
8. #friendsforever13.3M
9. #bffs9.8M
10. #friendsforlife6.4M
11. #bestfriendsforever3.4M
12. #friendshipquotes3.4M
13. #bffgoals3M
14. #friendstime2.5M
15. #bestiesforlife2.2M
16. #loveyouguys1.8M
17. #mybestie1.4M
18. #friendslikefamily1M
19. #memoriesmade985K
20. #friends4ever943K
Most popular friendship hashtags on Instagram

Best friendship hashtags for Instagram

Best friendship hashtags for Instagram

My next section is medium-competition hashtags. This is a bunch of good ones that are not too competitive, but also not so unique that no one is searching for them. They are a bit longer, much more meaningful, and one hashtag like that can express your feelings for you when you can’t find the right words for your caption.

Use these tags on your Instagram posts with good friends but don’t slap the same group of hashtags on each post. Instagram is smart these days and can penalize or shadow-ban you so hashtags will have no use anymore. In short, use them wisely!

  1. #friendshipvibes
  2. #friendstime
  3. #happyfriendship
  4. #bestfriendsquotes
  5. #friendstrip
  6. #oldfriendsarethebestfriends
  7. #friendforever
  8. #memoriestocherish
  9. #friendsarefamily
  10. #friendslove
  11. #bestfriendsintheworld
  12. #friendtime
  13. #ihavethebestfriends
  14. #bestfriendsever
  15. #ilovemyfriends

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Unique Instagram hashtags about friends

With less competitive hashtags, it’s much easier to win a featured spot in the Top Posts section on Instagram. You don’t need to get too many likes or engagement to get there so if your account is not very popular yet, leverage these unique friendship hashtags for faster growth!

For this section, I found 15 good rare hashtags about friends that range from 1K to 30K Instagram posts to date. For each of these, you have a much better chance to be seen compared to more popular hashtags. I wouldn’t recommend choosing super rare tags with less than 1K posts overall because this might mean hardly anyone is interested at all and you won’t be found anyway.

Friendship HashtagInstagram Posts
1. #friendsalwaysandforever1K
2. #girlfriendsweekend5K
3. #friendshipmemories5K
4. #friendshipisagift10K
5. #bestfriendsarethebest11.4K
6. #memoriesmadeforever11.6K
7. #bestfriendswhenever12.5K
8. #bestfriendstime14.7K
9. #bestfriendsbychoice17.3K
10. #bestgang19.6K
11. #bestieeee22K
12. #bestiesss24.5K
13. #bestfriendsalways28K
14. #girlfriendship29.6K
15. #bestfriendsforeverandever29.7K
Unique and less competitive hashtags about friendship on Instagram

How to find unique hashtags for Instagram

how to find best hashtags for instagram

If using unique hashtags works well for you, there is a relatively easy although a bit time-consuming way to find more of those.

  1. Search one of the hashtags from the list above on Instagram.
  2. Go through a few posts and see which other hashtags other people combine with that one. Chances are that they use more than one unique hashtag per post.
  3. Search each hashtag on Insta to find out how many posts it already has. If it’s in the range of 1K-30K, it’s a good unique candidate for your post. Make sure it fits your content though!
  4. Pay special attention to long-tail keywords as short one- or two-word tags are most likely too competitive.
  5. Pay more attention to popular profiles with lots of followers. They likely know what to do and which hashtags work well to attract new people and likes.

Some hashtags are too unique and nobody uses them. Nobody at all! These are not the ones you should be looking for. A good example of this is #girlfriendsembarrassingeachother: at the time of writing this post, there is one post with this hashtag on the whole Instagram! One! It may feel relatable and funny but there is hardly any reason to use it for Insta growth if you are the only one.

Best hashtags for photos with friends

Best hashtags for photos with friends

Sometimes you feel all these warm feelings and get so overwhelmed with emotions after spending time with a group of friends that you have a hard time coming up with a good caption. Let these hashtags say the right words for you and don’t stress too much about Instagram anyway! Grab a few of these for your post and go plan your next adventure together!

  1. #squadgoals
  2. #findyourtribe
  3. #bettertogether
  4. #sistersfromanothermister
  5. #girlfriendsarethebest
  6. #friendsfun
  7. #girlfriendsforlife
  8. #sistersfromanothermother
  9. #friendshipisablessing
  10. #girldreamteam
  11. #girlstimeout
  12. #qualitytime
  13. #girlgangmeetup
  14. #girlsnightout
  15. #happydays

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Best friend hashtags for Instagram

Best friend hashtags for Instagram

Okay, so you are blessed with a best friend and want to let the world know. You are soulmates and miss each other when you are not together. You are tired of using the same selfie hashtags over and over again and looking for new ones. For you, here are the most relevant hashtags for best friends forever!

  1. #besties4life
  2. #friendshipthatneverends
  3. #thebestfriends
  4. #bestieforever
  5. #bestie
  6. #bestiesforlife
  7. #internetbestfriends
  8. #childhoodbesties
  9. #sisterfromanothermister
  10. #bffforever
  11. #bestielove
  12. #mybetterhalf
  13. #soulsisters
  14. #bestfriendstilltheend
  15. #bfftime

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Friendship goals hashtags

Friendship goals hashtags

Proud of having such awesome friends? Want everyone to see how lucky you are to have these people in your life? Reconnecting with old friends you haven’t seen for a long time? Add some of these friendship goals hashtags to your happy photos and go have even more fun together!

  1. #bestiegoals
  2. #bestfriendgoals
  3. #friendshipgoals
  4. #bffsforlife
  5. #soulmatesforever
  6. #friendsforever
  7. #bestfriendsgoal
  8. #girlganggoals
  9. #friendos
  10. #bestfriendsforeverr
  11. #friends4life
  12. #bffalert
  13. #friendshipthatmatters
  14. #friendgoals
  15. #bestfriendsgoals

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Funny best friend hashtags

Funny best friend hashtags

What are friends for if not to make your life better? Sharing positive moments and creating happy memories is something good friends do all the time. Here are a few hashtags for sharing your funniest moments with best friends on Instagram!

  1. #funnymoments
  2. #girlsjustwannahavefun
  3. #doubletrouble
  4. #funtimes
  5. #bffadventures
  6. #havingfun
  7. #gettogether
  8. #memoriesinthemaking
  9. #friendsbonding
  10. #friendmoment
  11. #bestfriendsbelike
  12. #livinglifeandlovingit
  13. #grabyourgirlfriends
  14. #fridayfun
  15. #memoriesthatlastalifetime

Birthday hashtags for best friend

Birthday hashtags for best friend

Sometimes, you prepare for your best friend’s birthday more than they do. You come up with a perfect gift idea, order it, wrap it, and maybe even organize a fun surprise party! Later, when a special day is here, and you’d like to post a couple of the best moments from your BFF’s celebration on Instagram, here are some hashtags that may help!

  1. #bestiesbirthday
  2. #friendsarespecial
  3. #bestfriendbirthdaypost
  4. #bffouting
  5. #birthdaygirl or #birthdayboy
  6. #happybirthdaybestie
  7. #birthdayparty
  8. #happybirthday
  9. #bffpicschics
  10. #instabday
  11. #beautifulnight
  12. #bestfriendsbirthday
  13. #bestietime
  14. #happybirthdaybff
  15. #bfflove

Nice gift ideas for your BFF’s birthday!

It’s not easy to find a good gift for a best friend, especially when you’ve known each other for so long. Here are a few sentimental gifts to celebrate your never-ending friendship!

Conclusion on best friendship hashtags for Instagram

These were no less than 125 best Instagram hashtags for photos with friends! I’m sure you found some useful ones that perfectly describe your relationship. Take care of your good friends so they stay in your life for as long as possible and don’t ever lose touch if this is a healthy loving friendship worth keeping!

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