36 Long Distance Friendship Gifts For Your Far Away Best Friend

36 Long Distance Friendship Gifts For Your Far Away Best Friend

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When you miss your BFF who is far away, any unexpected gift that reminds her of you would be a nice gesture. However, there is a whole category of unique long-distance friendship gifts that are more than just presents! Each item on this list is meant to emphasize how close you are and strengthen your bond even further.

I can almost guarantee that your friend will find any present like that very thoughtful and special! Wouldn’t you?

Real friendship knows no distance. No matter how far she is or how much time has passed since you last saw each other, it’ll still feel like yesterday when you meet again. In the meantime, let’s surprise her with a little something to remember you by!

While going through this list of long distance friendship gifts, note which items you would yourself be happy to receive as a gift from your bestie. Out of those chosen ones, think about her preferences and which ones she would be especially excited to get.

For example, your minimalist friend may prefer a practical thing she can put to good use, like this beautiful jewelry tray. For someone else, a sentimental book with personal messages written by you may be much more valuable. Your workaholic friend will likely be overjoyed to receive a self-care box full of bath goodies.

The more thought you put into it, the more personal it feels to your friend, and the better gift it will be.

Even if that’s a cheap friendship keychain or matching yin-yang bracelets, the price is not what matters. The heartwarming message is!

So here are my 36 gift ideas for your long-distance friend, and I hope you’ll find a perfect one for your bestie!

Best heartwarming gifts for long-distance friends

1. Sculpted keepsake box

A friendship keepsake box is one of those practical gifts that are more than just a cute dust collector.

This one has two sculpted hand-painted girls on a lid and the heartfelt “Forever true, forever friends” message inside.

Perfect for a long-known childhood friend you take with you through life.

2. Soul Sister friendship mug

You know you are lucky when you’ve got a friend who is like a sister to you.

This mug is one of the long-distance friendship gifts that say just that, making her think about you every time she has a warm drink.

3. Jewerly tray

Is there even a girl who doesn’t wear any accessories? For her favorite rings and earrings, here is a lovely plate with a short letter written on it.

If you’ve got a long term friendship that only gets stronger as years go by, this might be a perfect way to show your affection.

4. Pillow for hugs

It’s been scientifically proven that human touch is important for our well-being.

Until you can hug each other again, this pillow can give her the comfort of your remote embrace.

Such a thoughtful gift idea for friends living far away who you see and hug much less than you’d like to!

5. “Friends are family” bracelet

We choose our friends carefully to be our second family. Sometimes we are even closer to them than to actual blood relatives.

This beautiful feminine bracelet has a hidden message engraved on the inside that says how important she is to your heart.

6. “You are my best b*tch” candle

If cussing is a normal part of your conversations, this candle from Malicious Women will make a hilarious Christmas or birthday gift for your long-distance best friend.

Whenever her room smells like vanilla, she’ll know she’s the only one you’d want to share your secrets with.

7. Wooden box “More than friends”

A rustic wooden box like this will fit into almost every interior and please everyone’s eye.

With a fun sentiment written on it, your friend will be constantly reminiscing on the great time you two had together in the past, whether it was a fun road trip or just a daily cup of coffee.

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Touching gifts for a best friend who is far away

8. Long distance friendship lamp

long distance friendship lamp

Among all the existing interactive long distance friendship gifts, this one is probably my favorite.

It doesn’t just sit on your friend’s desk, it lets you quickly connect in real time when you can’t have a full-fledged conversation.

Whenever you think about each other, touch one of the lamps, and another changes color right away. It works both ways and creates an amazing feeling of connection, even across continents.

9. ..or this wooden one

wooden lamp for far away friends

Same concept, different implementation, if that’s more your style.

Tap it whenever you miss your bestie, and she’ll immediately know you are thinking about her.

You can also assign a specific color to every person if you have a group of close friends who live far away.

10. Long distance touch bracelets

long distance friendship bracelets

Another interactive one on my long distance friendship gifts list is the one you don’t leave at home.

These bracelets come in different colors and connect to the app on your phone. Whenever you tap yours, hers will light up and vibrate, giving her an actual pleasant feeling of being loved.

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Personalized friendship gifts for a special friend

11. Hand-written letter blanket

letter blanket for long distance friendship is a perfect gift if you wanna send a short letter to your best friend

A heartwarming letter that she can read over and over again put on a cozy throw blanket? Piece of cake!

There is nothing better than a personalized gift to send a message to your friend about your common times of craziness and all the fun you used to have together!

12. Why you are my bestie book

This is more than just an easy buy-and-forget gift. This is a whole book of love dedicated to your friendship. You have to fill it in with feelings and memories before giving it as a present.

It’s harder, but there won’t be another gift like it. Besides, isn’t she worth it?

Maybe not for a random occasion, but it’s a good one if you are looking for birthday surprise ideas for your long-distance best friend.

13. Homesick state candle

seattle candle is one of the minimalist aesthetic gifts to send to your best friend

For someone who is far from home, a themed candle with a special scent that reminds her about the place you grew up together would be precious.

Alternatively, if you had a special trip or some common memory in a specific place, you can choose a dedicated candle as a souvenir.

14. Personalized bestie mug

bestie mug for long distance friendship

Finding great heartwarming best friend distance gifts doesn’t have to be such a hard thing to do.

While cool modern gadgets are awesome, a nice coffee mug with your common memories can be equally appreciated. Choose your best selfies and customize it however you want!

15. Customizable best friend print

Customizable long-distance bff gifts like this print are the best because you can make it one of a kind and all about your friendship!

For both of you, you can choose hair color, hairstyle, skin color, a quote that better reflects your bond, and have your own names written underneath.

16. Desktop photo calendar

photo calendar for friends

How about a desktop calendar with your favorite photos representing each month?

You can dig up the best shots of the two of you from the memorable days you had in the past. She’ll have such a great time reminiscing on the old days of traveling and spending time with you!

17. Far away necklace for a friend in another state

Had any of you moved to a different state and can’t stop missing each other?

Here is a long-distance friendship necklace for her to remind her that there is someone loving her in your state too.

18. Custom pendant with a memory

custom pendant with photo memory for your long distance friend

Another interesting idea that can incorporate one of your best memories is a custom pendant made from your photo.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a photo of the two of you, it can be something simple that will complement her wardrobe but still remind her of you.

Gift box ideas for long-distance friends

19. Self-care subscription gift box

self care package for best friend gift box ideas

You can’t be there for her, but you can show how you care, even long distance. A care package like Therabox is perfect for gifting to a best friend, especially to a girl boss who works her butt off!

Curated by therapists for raising happiness and relieving stress, it’s something she will surely appreciate.

20. Healthy snack box

snack box subscription for a friend gift box ideas

This one, for a change, is as great of a long-distance friendship gift for guys as it is for girls! Everyone deserves to be healthy and happy, so why not choose a nutritious healthy snack gift for your friend instead of some dust collector?

Make sure you know their allergies and preferences, as you can completely customize the fillings.

21. Wine subscription box

wine subscription gift box for your long distance bestie

If you are missing your nights out together with wine and good conversations, you can totally do it over Zoom.

Send her a box of her favorite wine (isn’t it a perfect long distance best friend gift no one would expect?!), set up a quiet place for your video calls, and have a lovely chat almost as if no one ever left.

22. Book subscription

book gift box subscription for long distance bestie

Whether your remote friend is an avid reader or not, there are good books out there for every taste.

The Unplugged Book Box is a monthly subscription that includes one freshly-released fiction book and a bunch of supporting self-care goodies. You can either gift her one month or a whole year of care and adventures!

23. Birchbox Beauty gift subscription

beauty subscription box for bestie gift box set

High-end beauty goodies related to make-up, skincare, and hair care, packed together in one box to surprise her every month! How is that for a care package?

You can choose a 3-, 6-, or 12-month beauty subscription and she may continue it after that yourself if she wants.

24. Candle subscription

candle subscription box

How about continuously making your friend’s space smell good with high-quality scented candles?

You can choose her favorite scents and she’ll be able to enjoy every candle for 30 to 60 long hours, feeling closer to you every time she smells it.

25. Smoothie box

smoothie box for smoothie lover best friend who is far away

We’ve got healthy snacks, now maybe it’s time for a healthy drink.

If you used to pick up smoothies during your walks, you can remind her of that tradition by sending a smoothie delivery as a gift.

It includes freshly frozen ready-made smoothie packages with the flavors you choose, and it takes less than a minute to prepare and start enjoying one!

26. Bath goodies gift box

bath pleasure gift box for your far away best friend

There was a self-care box above but this one is all about taking an amazing hot bath!

With different kinds of bath bombs, bubbles, salts, and scrubs included every month, she’ll have the best possible bath experience and will love you even more for it!

This may actually be one of the best long-distance birthday gifts for your best friend, as it will likely be in use.

27. Hopebox

hopebox when you care about your far away friends

Another version of a self-care subscription package that has more than a thousand amazing reviews is called Hopebox.

This is a better choice for someone experiencing anxiety or to cheer your friend up in times of uncertainty. It will include 10+ high-quality care products and a personalized encouraging message from you!

28. Coffee subscription gift

coffee gift subscription for a remote coffee lover friend

Is your distant friend a coffee lover? If so, she’ll appreciate a whole box of good-quality coffee delivered to her door.

You can personalize the flavors if you know her taste or choose a variety pack to broaden her coffee horizons!

Maybe she’ll brew a cup for you the next time you meet!

29. Funko Pop subscription

funko pop subscription as a fun cheer up gift for good friend

Everyone, especially if it’s a young person, is usually a fan of something. So you can probably find a Funko Pop item for your friend, whatever her taste may be.

For example, I have a Harry Potter on my shelf and my husband has the Witcher on his work desk.

Is she into games or movies of some kind? Then go find something special for her!

30. Bakery combo gift box

bakery combo gift

Does your friend have a bit of a sweet tooth? If so, a freshly-baked combo delivered to her door directly from a bakery will be a nice surprise!

You can select one of the several fillings and choose an occasion, if there is one. It all comes in an elegant gift box with a gift card personalized to your liking.

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Other long-distance friendship gift ideas

31. Matching besties shirts

If she wears T-shirts at all, a matching set of “besties” clothing may be a nice gift too. You can both wear them for a fun-themed photoshoot, your next trip together, or whenever you find the opportunity to meet again.

How close are your tastes? Would you wear the same color or different ones?

32. Very big hug throw

very big hug throw blanket for long distance best friend

Similar to a pillow from gift idea #4, this blanket is meant to be a substitute for the feeling of affectionate touch she can’t get from you at the moment.

Seems to be one of the most thoughtful birthday gifts for long distance friends, don’t you think?

Warm and cozy, it will remind her of the loving arms of the very important person in her life. You.

33. Friendship knot earrings

They say you can never untie the knot of a true friendship, which is exactly what these earrings are all about.

If this looks like something she might wear, such a meaningful piece of jewelry can make a great gift for your far-away bestie.

34. “No matter where” key chain

Even though we are getting closer to the last presents for long-distance friends I have in mind, these are no less heartwarming than the first ones on the list.

This is a cute set of keychains for best friends with an engraved message: no matter what, no matter where you are, your friendship will always stay strong.

35. Cute phone case

cute long distance friendship penguin phone case gift is an awesome touching gift idea for best friend, especially a girl

What can be cuter than one sweet penguin hugging another? Combined with a fun heart-touching message, it’s a phone case that truly knows what a friendship between girlfriends is.

There are also all kinds of different phone cases with art pieces or quotes available on Redbubble if you feel too old for this kind of stuff.

36. Matching friendship tattoos

matching friendship tattoos is a uniqe touching gift for best friend she'll remember for long

How close are you really to this friend of yours? Would you go and get matching tattoos that symbolize your friendship?

A good way to find out is to start with semi-permanent tattoos that don’t require any needles and stick with you for a couple of weeks. And if you both like them, you can go get real ones the moment you see each other again!

Conclusion on gifts for long-distance friends

These were all my gift ideas for long-distance friends!

There is a lot of good stuff on this list that I’d like to receive myself if I were in a long-distance relationship with my bestie. Hope you found something useful that applies to your precious friendship! If so, please tell me in the comments, which idea it is!